Fascinated by music and electronics since childhood, the Diasound brand’s creator, Afrânio Correia, started his path in the city of Posse – GO, in the mid 70’s and 80’s when, still a teenager, he devoted most of his time listening to music, reading about technical subjects, and performing various experiments. One of his first ambitions in childhood was having a battery radio where he could listen to music. His passion for radios, especially communication ones, led him joining in amateur radio and, years later, he started collecting old radios, which current collection is composed of almost 400 devices, and also some radio communication equipment for personal use.


At the time, living in a small, quiet country town, radio was the most affordable option for listening to music. Having decent sound equipment was not easy, and usually only adults with a good income had access to it. But none of that kept him from enjoying music and, sometimes, he got close to bars and clubs to hear the sound of bands playing live, listened to music in neighbors and friends homes or even climbed walls to sneak in into his father’s office at night – who was a dentist and used to keep everything closed to prevent children from disassembling his apparatus – just to listen to music with his ears glued to his radio, which in turn, being equipped with an excellent full-range speaker, reproduced the sound with good fidelity.


Soon he got a good battery radio, which turned into his faithful companion, especially when he went to his father’s farm and then he got an automotive radio, which led him to research on electromagnetism, propagation, antennas and to assembly his first loudspeaker, around 1985, using wood that he got hidden from his father and taken to a carpentry to get the perfect cuts. It was a two-way loudspeaker, well-finished and with a great  performance at the time, which is why it attracted interested people and was easily sold as soon as he invested in other equipment.


He started listening to music in AM radios (MW – Medium Wave and SW – Short Wave), then FM radios, cassette tapes, vinyl records, CDs and Minidiscs, until the current media comes. Even valuing and appreciating what he had, he realized that everything could always be improved, and that’s how he was always striving for improvement and absolute perfection, including his recent investment in partnerships to improve digital audio.


Since the beginning, evolution was gradually and steadily. This first part of the history was marked by many peculiarities, indispensable for forming a whole foundation for the future, including the exquisite musical taste! At the time, he used to create all kinds of experiences, not only with chemistry, electricity, radiofrequency, electronics and acoustics! During this period, he lived with all the technological limitations, always struggling to refine recording heads and magnetic tape playback, eliminate loudspeaker enclosure coloration, etc.!


Though living in a country town, he saw the world and even exchanged correspondence with aircraft manufacturers and astronomy institutions in the United States and Europe, always seeking for information to support his atypical curiosity about everything involving electronics, music, astronomy, aviation, history, etc. In order to translate the letters, he asked for help from the priest who was the director of the school where he studied!


There are lots of histories, and if it had been different, surely the Diasound brand would not exist today!  


With this basis, the way forward was already well-defined. He moved to the Federal Capital, Brasília-DF, studied electronics and in 1991 founded with his brother Manoel Correia,  also a passionate about music and professionally well-qualified in electronics, the company today called Weltmarken Elektronik, which initially provided high-tech technical services in telecommunications, and from 1993, he started to develop and market electronic equipment, assembled in partnership with foreign companies. The business grew fast, generating the resources to keep investing, especially in instruments and highly specialized didactic materials.


In the constant search for technological innovations, he visited fairs and suppliers in several countries and had access to some of the most reputable audio equipment available. Extremely perfectionist, he always treated as personal everything involving audio, once if his own ears were not pleased, there was no interest in marketing them.


In 1997, traveling to Japan, he met Diatone, greatly admired for the exceptional quality of the drivers it has produced since the 1940s. A Mitsubishi Electric Group Division, it was also knows for the investments received in the late 1980s, to develop high-fidelity drivers, intended to the playback of digital audio from CDs.


At the time, this drivers’ quality pleased a lot, especially as for the speaker and tweeter, that fitted a loudspeaker ordered by the NHK TV network. On that occasion, he decided to import a batch of DS1000ZX and DS V 5000 loudspeakers, whose sound fidelity exceeded most similar European competitors!


After a few months of evaluation, in 1998, in Koryama, Japan, he created the “Diasound” brand and negotiated a technical-commercial agreement for producing and marketing high-end loudspeakers in the United States, with Diatone supplying drivers on OEM basis. In the same year, due to a restructuring in the Mitsubishi Electric Group, Diatone activities were suspended and as a result, the Diasound project in the United States was terminated in 1999.


As the drivers in a loudspeaker are the most important components, and getting a manufacturer to produce them to the desired standard is always a challenge, the only way was to use the references and experiences already accumulated and keep searching, since, when it comes to audio equipment, there was no interest to act only as a brand importer and distributor. Aware that new discoveries do not depend solely on time, he continued to dedicate himself, but without any prediction established.


From 2006, taking care of business and also of his mother, who, due to health problems, became dependent on special care of family members, he began a new phase, without purely commercial goals! With available capital, he invested in state-of-the-art software and instruments, and custom machinery for development, tests and assembling of high-end loudspeakers.


Free of commercial appeal, but with much accumulated knowledge and dedication, the goal became a personal achievement, making the project an extremely differentiated plan. Since then, he has partnered with some geniuses of electronics, electroacoustics and services suppliers, aiming at establishing a new pattern of loudspeaker, whose prototypes with projects, design and unique components, including speakers and tweeters, began to be tested in 2011.


From 2011, the boldest project quickly evolved into a sophisticated sound system, with music server, streamer, high-precision interfaces and clocks, DSP, DAC, and active loudspeaker equipped with very high-fidelity amplifiers. Since then, all the electronics – from the music server to the drivers – were being developed and refined by applying extremely detailed criteria, in order to achieve the highest level of fidelity possible. Gradually all the limits were being exceeded, turning all expectations into something unimaginable!


The last phase was also marked by partnerships with geniuses of electronics and electroacoustics, and with suppliers who developed dedicated parts, as the  high-resolution DSP crossover, the state-of-the-art DAC, MCU, special power supplies, high-fidelity class A/B amplifiers, special materials for producing cabinets and components in general, including speakers and tweeters. Partnerships were made with geniuses and high technology companies from Europe, Asia, the United States, and Australia.


There are many details and today everything may even seem like a dream, but when the countless histories that marked the entire path of almost 40 years are remembered, we understand that the dream is nothing more than a reality that is difficult to understand even by the protagonist of this history!


Today we understand the complexity behind something that looks simply but is not! We understand the importance of hearing gifts associated with the domain of electronics and electroacoustics. A single person rarely possesses or can unite all these and other requirements, and without this convergence, it is virtually impossible to develop equipment with so many criteria, including the cabinets, which also required a lot of dedication and investment! 


Only after comparatively concluding that he was born with a differentiated hearing sensitivity and perception, and associating it with other essential gifts, vocations, and requirements, the creator could understand the reasons for his fascination with music and the relentless and unconditional search for the technical quality of audio equipment, especially the loudspeakers! Finally, by understanding his own path that he could understand why good loudspeakers and some state-of-the-art audio equipment are so rare and so expensive!


We know where we started, where we went, where we are and where we should go! We know that without certain gifts, even dominating electronics and electroacoustics, nothing that has been achieved would be possible! Due to these and other reasons, we consider the Diasound brand a symbol of a lifetime of dedication of who was blessed with a very rare hearing gift, and knew how to value it, also dedicating himself to the other essential aspects, like the already mentioned electronics and electroacoustics!


Taking advantage of the spirit of whom was always open-minded to the world since childhood, and never confused borders with barriers, that we started producing high-end loudspeaker enclosures in Brazil, for export and also to meet national demand! It could be done in another country, but right now – besides other advantages – we would not have one of the most unique raw materials in the world in no other country: the wood composite that was developed exclusively for the production of cabinets!


At the same time, with globalized spirit, we will use only high technology and exceptional quality components, once we have partnered with geniuses and suppliers with the highest reputations in the world! Thus, for us, establishing a preference for specific countries or regions, just because they already host companies of popularly known brands, would impose a limitation especially on the quality of the cabinets!  


The phase between 2006 and 2016, marked by his leave to take care of his mother, turned out to be the most important of all, with conditions impossible to exist in the normality of the industrial technical environment. It was during this period that the Anna system was developed, which continued to be refined until it reached the most perfect state-of-the-art in 2019, becoming a unique strategic reference for the development of other models, including Summa, already commercially available. The name Anna is a tribute to his mother, who was gone in 2015, due to her influence on this bold project! 


In August 2019, after two years of lots of research and development, the production of the first Summa loudspeakers began. True artworks, Summa enclosures impress in every respect and were developed following the criteria applied in the Anna system!


The Anna system, for being very bold and have become a strategic reference, will be available in commercial version only in the second half of 2020. Other models of loudspeakers, as well as state-of-the-art music server, DAC and audio amplifiers, will be available in 2020 and 2021.


This is just a summary of the Diasound brand’s history, which to be described in detail would require a book, with all the biography of those involved, especially the creator! Writing this history in detail is important to clarify that, although apparently a new brand, it actually predates many brands considered old!


Virtually every brand of loudspeakers and high-end audio equipment started with simple, developing and evolving equipment over time. In Diasound’s case, as the most important customer was always the creator himself, he spared no effort and had in his favor all the conditions to dedicate himself personally and invest financial resources for many years, until it reaches an unimaginable level before making it commercially available!


The Anna system is then a unique high-level reference, tested and approved for years of maturity, and so we will talk soon about the importance of a reference of such magnitude to develop simpler and economical equipment, but with exceptional performance!


We are starting a new chapter and from now on everyone can be part of this history! Very soon, Diasound loudspeakers and other state-of-the-art high-end equipment will be providing unforgettable moments around the world!


DIASOUND is a Weltmarken Elektronik Trademark.

DIATONE is a Mitsubishi Electric Trademark.